Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is stainless steel jewellery?
When the nickel layer is removed from the steel surface by a special process the end product is called stainless steel. Stainless steel does not corrode and is anti-allergic. It is called 316L surgical steel as well due to its widespread use as medical implants.

2. Is stainless steel jewellery resistant to abrasion and corrosion?
Yes they are. However abrasion is possible if the jewellery undergoes rough treatment (i.e. has to sustain severe and/or repeated hits) as the top layer, prepared by an oxidation process, can crack and peel off. Therefore avoiding exposure to heavy impacts on the items is advised to prevent damage to the jewellery's surface.

3. How can I pick the right ring size?
The available sizes can be seen on each ring's data sheet. After selecting the right size just click the "Into the cart" button.

4. How can I measure what ring size my finger is?
By using a caliper the inner diameter of the finger bearing the ring can be determined, however pressing the caliper too tight against the finger could result in choosing a too small ring size or to use our DIY ring size measurer by clicking here.

5. Can I have the jewellery replaced if it does not fit?
Yes, you can. If you accidentally ordered the wrong size (where different sizes are available), please send us the item to be swapped over and we send you the requested sized, after receiving the original one, charging you only the re-posting costs. This courtesy option is only available once per item (not including necklaces) and the associated postage costs of the return will not be reimbursed by us.
Please contact us via e-mail or Facebook before posting an item for return.

6. Is it possible to place an individual order if the advertised item is not available in my size?
Unfortunately, as the jewelleries are produced in series, we have to wait until the specific item is put back on production, which can take even months. However if you sing up to our newsletter, you will receive an immediate notification about stock updates.

7. Can the rings size or look be amended later on?
Due to the manufacturing technology these jewelleries are very rigid compared to ones made of silver or gold and cannot be resized as their counterparts. However this also means they are more durable and if being taken care of, they last over generations.

8. Are the bicolored stainless steel ring subject to abrasion?
Fraying or abrasion is possible, as steel cannot be body tinted only surface coloured. Nevertheless colouring on stainless steel jewellery is more durable as it undergoes a special treatment to stick to the steel surface.

9. I can't see an item anymore.
On some occasions it can happen that we run out of certain types of jewellery. As soon as we are out of stock, that specific product is removed from the webshop automatically, without human interaction. All items are produced in series and as our partner has numerous other products on queue waiting for production it is not likely that we will have a stock again of that item in reasonable time. Although this means as well, that we are able to offer a wide variety of designs and look, due to these rapid changes in our stock. Never miss a new piece or re-stock by signing up to our newsletter.

10. Why are stainless steel necklaces so long?
Stainless steel necklaces cannot be made longer, due to the unique manufacturing technology, however you can easily adjust them to the correct size. Please keep in mind that due to the above mentioned manufacturing limitations we do not offer replacement(s) for necklaces which length was modified.

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