Terms & Conditions

Choosing the product
Customers are allowed to browse, select and order any product advertised on the webshop portal. A more detailed description is available by clicking on the item. If a purchase decision is made the selected item can be put into the cart by clicking on the “Into the cart” button, which then will be placed into a virtual shopping cart. By clicking on the shopping carts “View” button all previously selected items can be reviewed, along with the total price and shipping costs. Quantity and prices can be double checked, items can be added or removed and amendments can be made on the quantities. The total value of the order will be automatically updated.

Placing the order
If the quantities of the selected items placed in the shopping cart is found to be correct, the order can be placed by clicking on the checkout button. Right after this, the choice is given to continue the checkout with an existing account, sign up with a new account or to make the purchase as guest, without registration.
In case of a returning customer, the with the account associated e-mail address and password will be requested. In case of a new registration, the customer details will be requested, along with the login information which is stored securely make the checkout process more convenient for the next purchase. Guest checkout requires the invoice and delivery address as well.
After this step the payment method can be selected (paying by card – Visa/Mastercard or PayPal). A final check can be made on the contents of the shopping cart before ordering. By clicking on the “Place order” button your order is finalized.

All prices advertised next to the items are the list prices valid at the time of the order and do not contain the shipping/delivery costs which can be found in the „Cart” after selecting at least one item to be ordered or in the Terms and Condition section. Any ambiguous information regarding product description or pricing can be corrected without notification. If this would result in change of quality, quantity or pricing of an existing order, the customer will be informed and is given the opportunity to reassure or revoke its order.

Processing the orders
Orders are processed within 24 hours on working days.

Correcting data entry errors
Any data errors mistakenly entered during the order process can be corrected before clicking the „Place order” button.

Order confirmation
Every order is confirmed by an e-mail sent to the e-mail address given by the customer during the checkout process or linked to account the order was placed from, containing the order details and the expected delivery date.

Payment options
Credit card, debit card payments made by Visa or Mastercard and payments made through PayPal are accepted.